BluSwirl Recycling and Waste Mangement Centurion Cleanups & Community Projects

Riverview Park Cleanup

A large group of the community and other businesses joined us at the Hennops River clean-up and brought unwanted electronics to be recycled at our e-Recycling point. All other recyclables was also accepted and we managed to get more of the community involved on the 19th of January 2019, a big thanks to everyone who was involved and who took time to be a part of the change. Safe and secure parking was also provided.

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Riverside Park Cleanup - The Community working together to Clean the Riverside Park side of the Hennops
Riverside Park River Pollution drifting on the water
Riverside Park Cleanup - This was some of what was found in the Hennops River
e-Waste removed from the Riverside Park Cleanup in the Hennops
Plastics, steel, metal and other electronic waste removed from the Hennops - this can be recycled
Deep in the Waste on the Riverside Park Hennops River Cleanup - helping clean our rivers in Gauteng
The pollution and waste in Riverside Park is bad for the local birdlife and hurts the natural habitat of these animals
Families in the Centurion area helping clean the pollution on the Hennops River
Normal people helping to change the polluted state of the Hennops River in Riverside Park

Lewende Woord Riverside Cleanup

Educational riverside cleanup at the large natural area of Lewende Woord Centurion. This two-day Educational Cleanup was held on the 13th and 14th April and the idea was to focus on schools and community groups, with presentations by a range of environmental groups, NGOs and service providers. With the aim to empower people through education, cultivate a love of nature in young people and last but not least to promote a green lifestyle through recycling and other green initiatives.

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Hennops Educational River Cleanup - Centurion Community
Lewende Woord Educational Waste Cleanup - Bags of collected trash
These bags contain the trash collected on the Hennops River on the day of the cleanup
This waste and pollution collected on the Riverbanks of the Hennops and was cleaned up by Lewende Woord youth
The Community in and around Centurion preparing for the cleanup
Here the youth can be seen showing how much waste they removed from the Hennops Riverbanks

Hennops River Hike

From the 9th to the 13th of June 2019, a group of five people decided to get together to start a journey that started in Thembisa. With the aim at raising awareness and funds to purchase a machine that will turn most of the waste in the Hennops River into re-usable fuels and material. This was the first leg and we encountered some shocking sights and our eyes were opened. We had never imagined that the Hennops River was so badly polluted and the real level of damage can be easily seen from the surrounding bush and man-made structures. Here are photos of what we saw.

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Hennops River Kayaking Expidition Centurion
Polystirene, Plastic and other waste that has formed a Island floating on the Hennops River
Plastic waste and pollution causing a sore eye on the Hennops River
Friendly horses along the riverside - Hennops River Centuion
Litter and Waste in the Hennops River in Centurion
Trash and Litter flowing down the Hennops River and damaging the vegetation and nartural habitat

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